10 Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids

10 Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids



Christmas is next month which means it’s time to start shopping for Christmas gifts. Erik and I have 6 nieces and nephews, so we had to come up with a lot of new ideas this year. After combing the internet for gifts, we found lots of ideas. But these ten were the very best. (If you’re looking for gifts for someone a little younger, I think this post is where you would want to go!)

Each gift was chosen with the idea to spark your child’s creativity, encourage learning, or get them outside and moving. So without further ado, here is my list of 10 Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids!



10. Real Baking Set for Kids



I just LOVE this cute little baking set! Perhaps it’s because I love to bake, but I think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for any child. There are so many skills to be learned from cooking and baking. So not only is it educational, it’s also a lot of fun.

Kids can learn how to follow directions in a recipe, practice their math skills when converting fractions to double a recipe, and overall learn how food is made. This set has 17 new tools for kids to learn how to use. A Rolling pin, whisk, pastry brush and more. All readily available to be used in the kitchen to make some new tasty treats and memories.

You can even pick up a kids cook book or two to go with it!


9. Illustory and My Comic Book Gift Set

This gift is just the thing to keep kids entertained. There’s nothing children love more than stories, and with this kit, now they can create their own. There are two different versions, one to make your own book and one to make a comic book. You can buy them individually or as a set! Click on the link for details, it really is a cool way to stoke their imagination and love of storytelling.


8. Balance Board

Get your child up and moving even when they are stuck inside from the snow. Balancing is just one of the things this board can do. Kids can sit in it, spin it, rock it and roll it. It’s also very durable and able to hold up to 110 pounds of weight, making it a great gift for kids of all ages.

One neat fact about this is toy is that it was the winner of the ASTRA’s Best Toys For Kids and it’s easy to see why. It’s great for the development of gross motor skills as well as core strength and stability.


7. Puppet Theatre


The winter months are filled with long, cold and dark days. That means kids will be spending a lot more time indoors. Spark your child’s creativity, reduce their screen time, and ignite their imagination by giving them a puppet theater this Christmas. Any kid will have loads of fun making up performances to give. And the best part is all the different kinds of puppets you can get to go with it.

There are Fairy Tale Friends that include characters from Little Red Riding Hood. Palace Pals that include knights and dragons. Pirates, pets and more. For a list of Christmas gifts for kids, it doesn’t get much better than this!


6. Light-Up Terrarium


I like giving gifts that are educational and fun. Kids will love planting there own little miniature garden that they can keep in their own room. When everything else is cold and snowy, this will be a cheerful reminder of warmer days. And that bunny and toadstool house are beyond adorable!

Another useful feature is that it also serves as a nightlight. Just flip a switch and the beautiful terrarium will provide a soft glow to help your comfort your child and help him or her sleep.



5. Flexible Flyer Sled



The original wooden sled, the flexible flyer. No winter vacation would be complete without bundling up and heading outside for a day of sledding. This classic sled was created with care and quality in mind. Crafted with birch wood and steel runners, this sturdy sled makes the perfect gift for any kid. It is so important that children get the opportunity to create memories in a winter wonderland. A gift like this would be just perfect for that!

As a brief aside, I particularly liked how this sled comes with a steering bar, making the ride down the hill even more fun! And now you’ll see that this gift is actually similar to number 4…




4. Snowboard Kick Scooter


Like the sled before it, here’s another idea for getting out into the snow. Some of my best memories of winter growing up was sliding down big hills at fast speeds. This cool snow scooter will help your kids relate to those memories.

This scooter is an easier and safer alternative to snowboarding that any kid is sure to love. It even lights up with three different modes! And unlike a snowboard, this safe device can be used on other terrains, such as grass and carpet.



3. Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Code and Go Robot Mouse

STEM toys are some of the most popular items for kids right now. This toy is great because it introduces kids to coding in a fun and hands on way. This gift is perfect for kids that learn visually and tactically. The child in your life will have fun playing with this bright and cheerful toy while also learning the fundamentals of programming. What a perfect way to spend a winter vacation!

This coding kit comes with LOADS of variations to keep them entertained. 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls…check out the link for details!


2. Cozmo The Robot


Christmas Gifts for Kids


I was talking with my husband about this gift, and we both agreed that this is definitely something we are going to get our son once he is old to play with it! This is another great STEM toy that removes the intimidation factor that usually surrounds coding.

One of the nice things about Cozmo is that he develops his own personality the more your child plays with him. He knows how to play games, and you can use Code Lab to program it to do other cool things.

One helpful thing to know about Cozmo is that you have to have an iOS or Android device to use it. For more details check out this link and see all the cool video that show Cozmo in action!

I’m was also really happy to see that it came with a carrying case. This will make it so much easier to transport it to your friend’s or relatives house so they can show off their cool new robot!

1. Panda Pod


This looks like such a cozy little nook to curl up during the cold winter. It hangs from the ceiling making it pretty much the coolest thing ever. It’s really spacious making plenty of room for pillows, blankets or favorite stuffed animals. All the things needed to be comfy while reading, playing video games or listening to music.

Best of all, it is nice and easy to set up. Check the link for details on this wonderful product. Your lucky child will get to see what it is like to live the way that pandas live with this hanging hammock!


Comments or Questions Welcomed!

And there you have it! Do you have any questions about my list of fun Christmas gifts for kids? If you do, feel free to post a comment below!