EEK! Haunted Graveyard Halloween Brownies

EEK! Haunted Graveyard Halloween Brownies

October is such a fun month! Trips to the pumpkin patch, corn mazes and haunted hay rides… the list goes on and on! But what I really love is making spooky and fun Halloween brownies and other treats. This year I came up with a new idea for haunted graveyard brownies!

Are you scared yet?

These spooky treats are really fun and easy to make. Start by making a batch of my fudgy brownies. (Pictured above) They are so delicious and contain 2 whole cups of chocolate chips!

A tip for achieving perfect brownies is to use a brownie pan. This makes nice, even edges on all sides and looks really nice for decorating. When you make a regular pan of brownies and have to cut them, you end up with uneven edges and messy crumbs.

Making the frightening frosting

Next prepare a batch of my buttercream frosting. It’s a quick and easy recipe to make and has the perfect taste and consistency. You’ll need a few decorating items ready before you can fill your graveyard with grass though.

First you need a piping bag. You can get reusable bags or disposable bags. Personally, I have both and use them for different reasons. If I am just using a small bit of icing in only one color I’ll probably use a reusable bag. If I’m working with lots of colors, I’ll probably use disposable. Also, if you’re in a hurry, disposable bags make for a quick and easy clean up!

Piping with a couple of couplers

Next you’ll need a coupler. If you’re using disposable bags you can skip this and just cut the tip of the bag to fit your icing tip. If you’re using a reusable bag you’ll want to make sure your bag is able to fit a coupler for future use.

The great thing about couplers is that they allow you to switch out which tip you are using. For this project we’re only using the grass tip, Wilton #233. But it is a really nice feature when you’re using multiple tips!

Now just tint your icing green. I used Kelly green for the grass on these brownies. You can use whichever green you like but be careful that it is not too pale or springy. Sometimes a color looks darker in the jar so make sure to pay close attention to the color it shows on the lid! Then, once your icing is tinted, add it to the piping bag fitted with the coupler and tip #233 and you’re ready to pipe!

Hold the tip at the base of the brownie and pull it up as you squeeze out some frosting. Since this grass is for a spooky graveyard, I made it a little more longer and unruly looking. Feel free to drag the bag slightly to the side as you pull up to give the grass a realistic and overgrown look!

I was trying to come up with a good way to make tombstones for our Halloween brownies. I had thought of a few different ideas when I came across this kit from Wilton. It was exactly what I wanted! The kit comes with 12 tombstones, bone sprinkles and an edible marker to engrave your stones. I had a lot of fun deciding what to add to the tombstones.

Here are some suggestions:


Ima Goner

Dee Parted

Barry M. Deep

Al B. Back

Manny Bones

Serve your Halloween brownies up at your next haunted gathering, or just have them for a spooky treat with a cold glass of milk!

If you make these brownies, comment below on how they ended up. I’d love to hear from you!