Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Classic

Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Classic

Today we went to Hampton Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire for the 17th annual Master Sand Sculpting Classic. The sculptures this year were incredible! It was difficult to believe they were really made out of sand! The competitors had come in from all over the world and brought with them some very unique ideas for their sculptures.

The first place prize went to the sculpture above. It is titled “Dance of the Undefined”.

This sculpture was called “Get out of the Box” and won second place despite heavy rains that cracked the sculpture pretty bad!

The third place winner was titled “Tiny Warrior”. This was one of my personal favorites, I really liked the big frog and the soda cap!

This sculpture was titled “Hands of Fate” and won fourth place in the competition. It is a viking ship being pushed by the hands of fate. I really like how the hands pushing the ship look like tumultuous waves guiding the ship where it will. This one was Erik’s favorite, but he has Nordic blood so that’s a given!

The fifth place winner was a sculpture titled, “I Can’t Get This Out of my Mind”.

I loved this one of the two peacocks, it was titled “Seduction”. There was such intricate detail on their feathers, it was definitely one of my favorites! It even won the people’s choice awards, but didn’t place in the finals. I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was amazing.

This one was a classic for New England baseball lovers. The sculptor did a great job making the baseball look as ferocious as possible. Go Sox!

Overall, it was a truly wonderful day at Hampton Beach. To anyone in th area next June, I highly recommend going!