Marginal Way–Fun Things To Do In Maine!

Marginal Way–Fun Things To Do In Maine!

This weekend Erik and I went to a little town named Ogunquit in Maine. It is a little seafaring town along the coast not too far from where we live and it is absolutely beautiful. There is tons of fun things to do in Ogunquit. Little shops line the streets filled with treasures big and small. Restaurants abound with every kind of tasty cuisine. But my most favorite thing to do when we go to Ogunquit is to take a walk around Marginal Way!

Marginal Way is over 1 mile of paved trail that runs along the cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The view is incredible and the walk is easy enough that you’ll even find people running it, pushing strollers and more. Today when we went, the waves were a bit tumultuous bringing out the surfers, clad in their wet-suits. I love the way the waves look almost painted into the scenery.

There are over 35 benches positioned all along the walk. They are perfect places to stop for a rest or to just soak up the scenery around you. Breath in the salty ocean air and watch the waves crash onto the rocks creating a cool ocean spray. I like to use these stops as an opportunity to get in some photography. Sketchbooks and reading material are also great things to bring along.

During the summer months, a myriad of flowers can be found blooming along the trail. Above is a picture I got of a fluffy bumble bee buzzing around a patch of butterfly weed. I love to focus on all the things that nature has to offer, both big and small.

And year round you will still find seagulls perched along the cliffs or flying high above the sea. As the walkway twists and turns, you’ll find an ample amount of area to photograph all of the beautiful birds that live in this area. Out of the many fun things to do , you can take your camera and take pictures of all the beautiful scenery around the area! I recently bought a Nikon D3400 and absolutely love it! The pictures come out so clear and beautiful. It also comes with different lenses that let you capture amazing images even when they are far away. I highly recommend you pick one up!

On one end of the cliff walk, you can find the docks with boats of lobster men bringing in their hauls. At certain times you can even go out too and watch the lobster men at work up close. This end is called Perkins Cove, and is home to my favorite restaurant here, The Oarweed Cafe. One of the things I love about the Oarweed Cafe is the view! During the warm summer months you can sit out on the patio on little bistro tables. The restaurant sits up on the cliff and has a whole open view of the cove. I love to sit there and have lunch while watching the sailboats drift by. And on cooler days you can sit inside and still have a magnificent view from the large bay windows that stretch across the entire back of the restaurant.

On the other end of the walk you can find a large sandy beach, perfect for setting up your own little spot to enjoy the beach. And all along the trail, there are spots where you can get down into the water if you’d like. And when the tide is down, there are plenty of little sandy alcoves to enjoy all surrounded by the cliffs. It’s almost like having your own little beach. Marginal way is just one of the MANY fun things to do in New England!