Orange Citrus Bath Bombs

Orange Citrus Bath Bombs

Refreshing Orange Citrus Bath Bombs

Enjoy a luxurious bath with one of these fizzing bath bombs. Each citrus bath bomb is filled with high quality, premium ingredients to give you a relaxing and soothing experience. After a soak in the tub with one of these luxury bath bombs you’ll feel as reinvigorated as if you’d just been to the spa!

A few benefits in each Luxury Bath Bomb:

Epsom salts have many therapeutic qualities. They relax your body and relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and soothe pain and inflammation in the joints.

Orange essential oil relieves inflammation, lifts your mood and promotes relaxation. The high levels of vitamin C are also great for skin, as it promotes the production of collagen. It’s antioxidant power also helps to slow the rate of damage caused by UV light exposure, toxicity and pollution.

Sweet Almond Oil is a key ingredient in the bath bomb’s rejuvenating process. Sweet Almond Oil has been used for a very long time for it’s myriad of therapeutic properties. It protects your skin from damage and oxidative stress. It helps to soften skin and dislodge debris in the pores leaving you refreshed and invigorated. Sweet almond oil also relieves muscle aches pains in the body. These are some of the key health benefits associated with Sweet Almond Oil.

Bath Bombs

All of my bath bombs come in sets of 3 and packaged ready for gift giving, stocking stuffing, party favors or personal use.

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