15 MUST-HAVE Items For Your Baby Registry

15 MUST-HAVE Items For Your Baby Registry


I’m so excited to announce that in February 2018 Erik and I will be welcoming our first child into the world! We couldn’t be happier about this news and can’t wait to meet our sweet little one…and make his baby registry!

I thought about registering with several different places and ultimately decided on Amazon. There were several reasons Amazon stood out as the best place to create our registry.

First of all there is a 10% completion discount and 15% for prime members. So basically, anything on your list that doesn’t get purchased by a loved one, you get a discount if you purchase it yourself. Also, there is a free 90 day return on baby items. This is really nice in case you buy something that is just not quite what you thought it was.

the best part

And best of all, the wishlist is universal so you can add things from all over. Now the crib you wanted from Babies R Us and the curtains from Target can all be in one place with all your favorites from Amazon. It really is the best solution!

Click the link below to start your very own registry today!





And here is the list of top 15 Baby Items for your registry, starting with…


#15  Graco Travel System Car Seat and Stroller


One of the first things you’re going to need for your baby is a way to bring them home! A car seat is a great thing to put on your baby registry and this set is even better because it has a matching stroller. You’re going to need a stroller to push baby around in so why not have a whole matching set! Click the link above for more details!




#14 Rocking Cradle

Once you get your baby home they are going to need a place to sleep. This cradle is the perfect place for your little one to rest his or her head. It offers more airflow than bassinets and you don’t have to worry about the hazards of bumpers. As an added bonus it has a cute and classic look! It even rocks which is really nice. Also, it’s small size makes it a perfect fit in your bedroom for the early months before your baby transitions to their own crib. This cradle also goes up to 8 months of age compared to the 3-4 months they can sleep in a bassinet.




#13 Swivel Rocker Chair

What nursery would be complete without a rocking chair to rock your little one to sleep? This rocking chair is nice because it is upholstered, unlike the standard kind of rocking chair you see on front porches. SO much more comfortable for rocking your baby at 3am!




#12 Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer

I love this activity center because it transitions with your baby! It starts out as a play mat and the toys come off to be used as a bar to be placed over your baby. Then, when your baby is big enough, they can sit in the seat as shown above. When they outgrow the seat, the toys snap together like a play table that toddlers can continue to enjoy. It’s one of the most versatile toys I’ve seen and definitely something I’ll be getting for my baby!



#11 Graco Pack ‘N Play with Newborn Napper Elite

Pack N’ Plays have come a long way in recent years. When my niece and nephews were babies, there was only the Pack N’ Play part. Now they have all kinds of added features such as the newborn napper and changing station. There is also side storage compartments for holding diapers, wipes etc. That way you’re not running back to the nursery for every last changing!


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