Top 5 fun board games to play this Christmas

Top 5 fun board games to play this Christmas

There is no better time to try out a new board game than during the holidays. All your family and friends are gathered together, delicious food on the table and everyone is in a good mood. In our home, we’ve been really into finding new and cool board games. So put away your Scrabble and Yahtzee because these games are sure to have your whole family joining in the fun and laughing all the way! So here is our list of top 5 fun board games to play over the holidays.



Sheriff of Nottingham


The first on our list of fun board games casts one player as the sheriff and the rest as merchants. As the merchant, it is your job to try to sell your goods and make as much money as possible. This is easier said than done though, with the notorious sheriff keeping watch. You’ll have to bluff and bribe your way past the sheriff if you want to make it in Nottingham! The characters and goods really bring this game to life to make it feel like you’re really in Nottingham. Play as characters such as a cheese merchant or silk dealer and load your merchant bag with legal goods such as apples and bread, or contraband such as pepper and mead. The open negotiation style of play makes this a light hearted game that everyone will have a good time playing.


Castle Panic







The thing I like about Castle Panic is it’s cooperative style of play. In this game everyone playing works together and either wins or loses. This takes a little bit of the competitiveness out of the game which is nice for people who don’t play a lot of board games or who have younger players joining in. Things you’ll probably be encountering during the Christmas season.

Your objective is to defend your castle from the goblins, orcs and trolls that march against you. This is another game that is fun because it injects you into a fun new world. The medieval feel will make you think you’ve stepped back in time to join the teams of knights and soldiers standing guard against the monsters that lurk beyond. This game can also be played solo which is really neat!


Wits and Wagers


This game is great to play in large gatherings such as Christmas time. Wits and Wagers is all the fun of a trivia game that is still fun for people who aren’t trivia buffs. Players can place bets on the answers they think are correct or even by pure guessing. This is a really easy game to learn how to play and doesn’t require a whole lot of set up. This makes it perfect for a holiday gathering when the last thing you want to do is learn really complex rules and get into super competition mode. Instead this game will have you playing quickly and having a good time with your family and friends.


Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game



OK, so this one is more of a card game than a board game. But it still deserves to be on the list of fun board games! And it still gets everyone off their screens and devices and playing an engaging game together. In Boss Monster, players become video game style villains and try to build a dungeon to lure adventurers to an untimely fate. I really like the retro gaming feel to this game and the fact that it doesn’t take to long to play. A game only takes about 20 minutes to finish which is perfect for the holidays when people are getting up and down and new people are jumping in and out of the game.


Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries



For Christmas time I had to add this game! Ticket to Ride is already a well loved game normally. And this version that takes you through the Nordic countries will really put you in the Christmas Spirit. This game is really nice because of how easy it is to learn how to play. You can essentially jump right into the game and start playing. This is also a good game that can be played with children for families that have some little ones running around.

Have you tried any of these fun board games? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

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